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Where will your voice take you today? With a smart, interactive assistant that gets you talking, the possibilities are endless.

Japanese only. English version coming soon.

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The Power of conversation

mia speaks with a conversational ease that is both unique and fun to use so you can ask questions, get answers, control devices and share information, all in a natural, easy manner.

The main difference between mia and other applications is contextual awareness. mia not only understands what you’re saying, but exactly what you need. And if she requires more information, she simply asks.

Ready to talk whenever you are, mia brings conversation back to life.


mia understands everything you say and can read between the lines to find your intent. Context is key with mia. She’s great at understanding your queries and tailors her replies accordingly.


Engaging conversation that leads somewhere, mia uses conversation to help you find what you need and get things done. When she has questions, she simply asks you, just a like a friend would.


More than just talk, once you have what you need, mia makes things happen. Ask mia to book tickets, make purchases, share info and more. You’ll get things done, faster and easier, when mia’s in charge.


In your hand

And in your car

Switch to Drive Mode when you’re driving and mia works even harder, providing minimal visual discretion and heightened hands free interactivity. Stay connected with family, friends, and the Internet. With mia in your car, it’s simple, safe and fun.


Talk a little, live a lot.

"Find me a restaurant in San Francisco"

Whatever you're in the mood for, mia has access to a comprehensive list of casual and fine dining restaurants. With this simple request, mia will guide you to the dining experience you crave, asking all the right questions to get you to your desired table.

"Find me business hotels nearby"

Looking for a post office, an ATM or anything in between? Talk to mia to find what you want. With access to local business listings and information, she'll help you get where you need to go.

"Find me events around November 28"

Looking for something fun? mia has lots of ideas and gives helpful information on plenty of events, in or out of town.

"What's the weather like this week?"

mia keeps you current on the weather conditions for where you are or where you're headed. Need to plan ahead? mia can help.

"Search for things that move"

Ask mia to search the web for you.

"Play me some Jazz music"

Let mia find your favourite tunes. Simply tell her the kind of music you want to hear and she's ready to play it for you.

"What's my schedule like today?"

mia can read out your calendar to you and help set your schedule. Talk to mia and she'll help get you organized.

"email this to Kai"

Talk your way past the menus and send texts, make calls or share something special, just by asking mia.

"Find cute cats on YouTube"

mia's powerful youtube search allows you to quickly pull up "that" video everyone's been talking about.

"Who is Leonardo da Vinci"

Weather you are on a quest or just have general questions, mia knows where to find the best answers. Your smartphone is smarter with mia.

"How do I get there"

After you've found what you need, mia gets you there. Use mia to set the destination of your car, GPS or smartphone navigator. No more fussing around with menus.


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netpeople is the robust cloud platform behind mia that enables its services to be delivered over all her channels.

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